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Mount Hebron...?

Mount Hebron is a nickname representing a private non-commercial initiative of Kim Shadbolt, and family, to help with community need particularly with short-term accommodation and basic food provisions for those needing refuge and assistance.

Originating from a burden or vision, circa 2004, to help with those in need around us, ideas progressively developed into having a specific plan of action for the coming years. It is a serious endeavor, with some 25,000 man-hours committed in planing, research, design and establishment of infrastructure to-date 2018.

Privately funded, and philanthropic based (unsolicited and excluding the public purse past or present), we seek to meet the needs of those around us as we are convicted and are able to. Our aim is to provide genuine authentic Christian charity to the community, supplementing the work of the many existing providers of similar purpose and vision.

Kim Shadbolt

P.O. Box 8802
Perth BC, WA 6849
Admin: admin@mount-hebron.net